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Thank you for joining us at Words Matter 2017!

Together, we raised over $281,000 to inspire and engage readers and writers of all ages. 

Thank You for Powering Another Year of Inspiration

Thank You for Powering Another Year of Inspiration

An enormous thank to all who made a special year-end gift to SAL – and to everyone who contributed to SAL in 2016!

Celebrating A Year of Outstanding Momentum

Seattle Arts & Lectures is thrilled to share our 2015/16 Annual Report. Heartfelt thanks to all our enthusiastic subscribers, generous supporters, and innovative partners that made this record-breaking year possible!

SAL's Back to School Breakfast to support WITS

Thank you for joining us for breakfast on Tuesday, September 27, at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle to help inspire thousands of K-12 students to engage in the power and the pleasure of the literary arts!

Simon Armitage
Poetry Series, British poet Simon Armitage discusses his work with Poetry Series Curator Rebecca Hoogs. Photo by Sheila Addleman
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