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SAL U: A U for You

Wednesday University is now SAL U: A U for You!

Timely, topical courses in the arts and culture taught by the University of Washington's most engaging professors--all the intellectual stimulation and companionship of a community of learners, none of the papers or exams.

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John Delaney: "Our Global Ocean: The Ultimate Planetary Life Support System--New Approaches to an Old Ocean"
7pm--April 15 & 29, May 6 & May 20, November 13
Kane Hall \ University of Washington

This 5-part course will explore how oceans dominate entire planetary ecosystems on earth. Single tickets to each lecture are $20 and are available at the door at each evening.

Cliff Mass: "Reading the Northwest Sky: Understanding Our Weather and Climate"
October 1, October 22, November 5, November 26, December 3. 7 PM.
Kane Hall \ University of Washington

This class will provide a wide-ranging introduction to the complex weather and climate of the Pacific Northwest.