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Now there is a great way to make sure you don't miss any of the events below, all while supporting the heart of Seattle's literary arts -- the All SAL Pass!

One price delivers an entire season of inspiration and engagement in literature, poetry, current events and more – all with the same corresponding benefits of a subscription, like discounts on companion tickets, dining deals, discounts on parking and author receptions (Patron Level only). Regardless of how many events and SAL U classes we add throughout the season, your admission is guaranteed.

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Box Office - Buy Tickets Here
Gillian Flynn \ Literary\Arts Series  Sold Out
THU 7:30 PM \ Town Hall Seattle

Co-Presented by Seattle Times. Sponsored by BooksILove  
Anne Carson & Robert Currie in Performance \ Poetry Series
TUE 7:30 PM \ Town Hall Seattle

Sponsored by The Stranger's arts and performance quarterly, A&P  
An Evening with Timothy F. Geithner \ SAL Presents
FRI 7:30 PM \ Town Hall Seattle
Juan Felipe Herrera \ Poetry Series
MON 7:30 PM \ ACT \ Falls Theatre
Rebecca Solnit \ Literary\Arts Series
THU 7:30 PM \ Town Hall Seattle

Sponsored by Stoel Rives, LLP  
“Keep up the great work. SAL’s events leave me feeling more stimulated and educated. I always feel like my time has been well spent!”
-- Literary Arts Series Patron